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Check Travel Visa Requirements

Information on India Visa

Foreign nationals looking forward to enter India are required to possess a valid visa along with other travel documents.

India Visa is divided into 4 main categories

  • India ETA
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Transit Visa

To apply for any of the Indian Visa, the applicant needs a duly filled and signed application form, which must be submitted at the concerned Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC), along with the other required documents.

Apply India ETA on official website
Quick Enquiry

India ETA Visa

1. Scanned First Page of Passport in PDF format:

Size : Minimum 10 KB ,Maximum 300 KB.

2. The digital photograph must be uploaded with following given specifications:

  • Format - JPEG
  • Size:Minimum 10 KB- Maximum 1 MB
  • The height and width must be equal.
  • Full face, front view, eyes open.
  • Center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin.
  • Plain or white background.
  • No shadows on the face or on the background.
  • No borders.


  • India ETA allows only one single entry for a stay of 30 days in the country.
  • Maximum of two ETA visas can be applied for within one year.
  • The India ETA allows for Visa on Arrival is only issued at Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Trivandrum airports.
  • Citizens of 43 countries are eligible for the Indian online e-Visa ETA.

ETA Visa Validity

Once issued the ETA visa is valid for the time period of 30 days. It is a single entry, non-extendable visa

Processing Time

Usually the India Visa is issued within 3 working days

Tourist Visa


1.Passport Requirements: Original passport, valid for 6 months at the time of entry in India along with photocopy of passport information and signature page.

2. Indian Visa Application Form One correctly and completely filled signed India Visa application form.

Please Note: The traveler must sign their own visa application form. The signatures on the application must match the signature that is on the traveler's passport

The application form must be printed on two pages, these pages must be signed by the applicant. Make sure that signatures on both the pages are identical.

3. Photo Requirements: Two recent 2 x 2 passport type photograph.

4. Other Forms:

India Particulars Form - This form must be printed out, filled correctly and must be duly signed by the traveler.


Proof of Residential Address

  • Photocopy of proof of residence.
  • Photocopy of Drivers License/or/ recent utility bill (Water, Electricity, Gas)

OR - you can upload a passport photo to the Global Service Order Form when you place your order, instead of providing physical passport photos.

5. Minors:

  • Parental Authorization is requested for Minors.
  • Copy of each parents' bank statements.
  • Birth certificate of the minor.
  • Copy of parents' passports


  • Both parents must sign the Visa application form and get it notarized. Other documents such as parent's drivers license can also be asked for, for residential proof.
  • Minor must write his/her name inside the signature box. If, the child is too young to even write his/her name, than the child’s thumb print must be stamped in the signature box

Tourist Visa Validity

Tourist Visa to India is generally granted for the time period of 6 months to 1 year. However, one can also apply for 5- 10 year visa by requesting for it at the Indian Consulate.

NOTE: Refunds are not given if the visa is issued for the lesser time period than what was actually requested for.

Processing Time

Processing time for Indian Visa vary from application to application at the sole discretion of the High Commission of India.

Kindly note that the validity of your visa starts from the date of issue and not from the date of travel.

Business Visa


1.Passport Requirements: Original passport, valid for 6 months at the time of entry in India along with photocopy of passport information and signature page.

2. Indian Visa Application Form One correctly and completely filled signed India Visa application form.

Please Note: The traveler must sign their own visa application form. The signatures on the application must match the signature that is on the traveler's passport

The application form must be printed on two pages, these pages must be signed by the applicant. Make sure that signatures on both the pages are identical.

3. Photo Requirements: Two recent 2 x 2 passport type photograph.

4. Other Forms:

India Particulars Form - This form must be printed out, filled correctly and must be duly signed by the traveler.


Proof of Residential Address

  • Photocopy of proof of residence.
  • Photocopy of Drivers License/or/ recent utility bill (Water, Electricity, Gas)

5. Letter Of Invitation from India:

The traveler must provide a letter of invitation from the sponsor on company letterhead, which must explain the position of the applicant in the particular task and the purpose of travel. It must contain the sign of the authorized person and seal of the company host in India


A Copy of Certificate of Incorporation from the sponsor is also required

6. Business Letter:

Letter from the employer or the sponsoring company stating the purpose of the applicant’s visit to India and his/her status/position held in the company

7. Financial Requirements:

Three recent bank statements

Business Visa Validity

Once applied Business visas are valid for three months to one year time period, or more with single or multiple entries. However, the time of stay in the Indian territory per visit is limited to six months for Business Visa holders.

Processing Time

Processing time for Indian Visa vary from application to application at the sole discretion of the High Commission of India.

Kindly note that the validity of your visa starts from the date of issue and not from the date of travel.

Transit Visa


1.Passport Requirements: Original passport, valid for 6 months at the time of entry in India along with photocopy of passport information and signature page.

2. Indian Visa Application Form One correctly and completely filled signed India Visa application form.

Please Note: The traveler must sign their own visa application form. The signatures on the application must match the signature that is on the traveler's passport.

The application form must be printed on two pages, these pages must be signed by the applicant. Make sure that signatures on both the pages are identical.

3. Photo Requirements: Two recent 2 x 2 passport type photograph.

4. Flight Ticket:

Confirmed air ticket for onward and return journey

4. Other Forms:

India Particulars Form - This form must be printed out, filled correctly and must be duly signed by the traveler.


Proof of Residential Address

  • Photocopy of proof of residence.
  • Photocopy of Drivers License/or/ recent utility bill (Water, Electricity, Gas)

6. Minors:

  • Parental Authorization is requested for Minors.
  • Copy of each parents' bank statements.
  • Birth certificate of the minor.
  • Copy of parents' passports


  • Both parents must sign the Visa application form and get it notarized. Other documents such as parent's drivers license can also be asked for, for residential proof.
  • Minor must write his/her name inside the signature box. If, the child is too young to even write his/her name, than the child’s thumb print must be stamped in the signature box.

6. Business Letter:

Letter from the employer or the sponsoring company stating the purpose of the applicant’s visit to India and his/her status/position held in the company

Transit Visa Validity

Once issued Transit Visas are valid for the time period of 15 days for a single/double journey. These visas are valid for direct transit only, for a maximum period of 3 days. For stay of more than 3 days Trasit Visa is not a valid visa to apply for.

Processing Time

Processing time for Indian Visa vary from application to application at the sole discretion of the High Commission of India.

Kindly note that the validity of your visa starts from the date of issue and not from the date of travel.

Indian Embassies

Embassy of India, Kabul
Malalaiwat, Shar-e-Naw,
Kabul, Afghanistan.
Phone: +873-763095560
Fax: +873-763095561
Email: embassy@indembassy-kabul.com
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Consulate General of India, Mazar-e-Sharif
Karte Khuja Abjosh
Near Almas Wedding Street
Phone: +93-0702020268 (CG), 0702020271 (Consul)
Email: cg.mesharif@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.mesharif@mea.gov.in (General)
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Consulate General of India, Herat
Ameriat Cross Road, Near Ab Bakhsh
Badmerghan, Herat, Afghanistan.
Phone: 222653 / 221145(General), 257045/ 0796058659 (Vice Consul)
Fax: +93-40-250032
Email: cg.herat@mea.gov.in, hoc.herat@mea.gov.in, cgiherat@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Consulate General of India, Kandahar
Shahr-e-Nau, District 6,
Kandahar-Herat Road,
Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Phone: 00-93-30-753011512 (O), 753010874 (Consular), 753011525, (Admn), 753011512 (CG), 753010874 (Consul)
Email: cg.kandahar@mea.gov.in (CG), cons.kandahar@mail.nic.in (Consul Cons), hoc.kandahar@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Consulate General of India, Jalalabad
Ilaka No.2, Habibabad,
Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
Phone: 00-93-75-6003162 (CG), 6003163 (Chancery), 6003164, (Consular), 00-873-763096146 (Satellite Tel)
Fax: 00-873-763096147 (Satellite Fax)
Email: cg.jalalabad@mea.gov.in (Consul General), hoc.jalalabad@mea.gov.in (General), rajeev.ifs@gmail.com (Consul)
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Embassy of India, Algiers
14, rue des Abassides,
Boite Postale 108, El-Biar 16030
Algiers, Algeria.
Phone: 00-213-21-923288/21-923444 (Gen. Nos.)
Fax: 00-213-21-924011
Email: amb.algiers@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.algiers@mea.gov.in (HOC), indembalg@hotmail.com (General), indembalg_com@hotmail.com (Commerce Wing)
Website: http://www.indianalg.org/

Embassy of India, Luanda
18 A, Rua Marques das Minas,
Maculusso, PO Box No.6040, Luanda.
[*Conc. acc. as Amb. to Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe].
Phone: 00-244-222-371089, 222-392281
Fax: 00-244-222-371094
Email: amb.luanda@mea.gov.in (HOM) , hoc.luanda@mea.gov.in (HOC),indembluanda@netcabo.co.ao (General), comindembluanda@netcabo.co.ao (Commercial),consindemluanda@netcab.co.ao (Consular)
Website: http://www.indembangola.org/

Embassy of India, Buenos Aires
Torre Madero, 19th Floor Avenida
Eduardo Madero 942, (1106) Buenos Aires.
[*Con. acc. to Paraguay (Asuncion) and Uruguay(Montevideo)]
Phone: 00-54-11-4393 4001/ 4156
Fax: 00-54-11-4393 4063
Email: indemb@indembarg.org.ar (Chancery), polsec@indembarg.org.ar (FS), psamb@indembarg.org.ar (PS to Amb), admn@indembarg.org.ar (Attache Admn), hoc-cons@indembarg.org.ar (Consular)
Website: http://www.indembarg.org.ar/

Embassy of India, Yerevan
50/2, Dzorapi Street,
Yerevan -0019 (Armenia.)
[*Con. acc. as Ambassador to Georgia]
Phone: 00-374-10-539173 to 75
Fax: 00-374-10-533984, 539170
Email: ambassador@embassyofindia.am (Amb), hoc@embassyofindia.am (SS & HOC), attache@embassyofindia.am (cons), commercial@embassyofindia.am (Commercial), accounts@embassyofindia.am
Website: http://www.indianembassy.am/

High Commission of India, Canberra
3-5, Moonah Place,
Canberra ACT 2600, Australia
Phone: 00-61-2-62733999, 62733774
Fax: 00-61-2-62731308
Email: hc@hcindia-au.org (HC), dhc@hcindia-au.org (DHC), consular@hcindia-au.org (Consular), hoc@hcindia-au.org (HOC)
Website: http://www.hcindia-au.org/

Consulate General of India, Melbourne
344, St. Kilda Road, Melbourne
Victoria 3000, P.O. Box No. 33247
Domain LPO Vic 3004
Phone: 00-61-3-96827836 ;
Consular Enquiries Phone: 00-61-3-96825800 (operational only during Consular Working Hours)
Fax: 00-61-3-96968251
Email: cg.melbourne@mea.gov.in & cg@cgimelb.org (CG); hoc.melbourne@mea.gov.in & hoc@cgimelb.org (Consul/HOC), ps@cgimelb.org (Consular Section), vcons@cgimelb.org (Trade Section)
Website: http://www.cgimelb.org/

Consulate General of India, Perth
Lots 70-74, Level 6
12 St. Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Phone: 00-61-8-92214205
Fax: 00-61-8-92217039
Email: cg.perth@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.hcindia-au.org/

Consulate General of India, Sydney
Level 10
190 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 00-612-92239500, 92412265 (CG), 92412268 (Consul & HOC)
Fax: 00-612-92412291 (General), 92412282 (Consular)
Email: indianc@indianconsulatesydney.org (General), cg@indianconsulatesydney.org (CG), ccom@indianconsulatesydney.org (Consul Com)
Website: http://www.indianconsulatesydney.org/

Embassy of India, Vienna
Kaerntnerring 2, A-1015, Vienna,
[*Alternate to the Per. Rep of India to respective intnl orgns & Con. acc. to Montenegro]
Phone: 00-43-1-5058666, 5850795
Fax: 00-43-1-5059219 (Chancery) 5850805 (Consular/Visa)
Email: amb.vienna@indianembassy.at (Amb), dcmwien@indianembassy.at (Minister/DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.at/

Embassy of India, Baku
31/39, Oktay Karimov Street,
Ganjlik, Narimanov District,
Baku - AZ 1069, Azerbaijan.
Phone: 00-994-12-5646354, 5646344
Fax: 00-994-12-4472572
Email: amb.baku@mea.gov.in (Ambassador off), hoc.baku@mea.gov.in (head of chancery), admin.baku@mea.gov.in (attache(admn)), cons.baku@mea.gov.in (consular/visa section)
Website: http://www.indianembassybaku.org/

Embassy of India, Adliya
Building 182, Road 2608,
Area 326, Ghudaibiya,
PO Box No. 26106,
Adliya, Bahrain.
Phone: 00-973-17712683, 17712649, 17712785, 17713832
Fax: 00-973-17715527 (Gen)/177103229(Cons)
Email: indemb@batelco.com.bh (Amb), sscons@batelco.com.bh (Cons), commerce@batelco.com.bh (Commerce), hoc1@batelco.com.bh, counslrs@batelco.com.bh
Website: http://www.indianembassybahrain.com/

High Commission of India (Dhaka)
House No. 2, Road No.142,
Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: Main Reception: 00880-2-9889339, EPABX: 00880-2-9888789-91 and 8820243-47,
Fax: 00880-2-9893050
Email: fshoc@hcidhaka.org, consular@hcidhaka.org, eco@hcidhaka.org, info@hcidhaka.org
Website: http://www.hcidhaka.org/

Assistant High Commission of India, Chittagong
House No.211, Kulshi, Chittagong
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Phone: 00-880-37-654148/654201
Fax: 00-880-37-654147
Email: ahcindia@spnetctg.com, ahcindia@abnetbd.com

Assistant High Commission of India, Rajshahi
House No. 284/2, Housing Estate, So
Sopura Uposhahar
Phone: 00-880-721-861213/211/214/215
Fax: 00-880-721-861212
Email: hoc.rajshahi@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.hcidhaka.org/

Embassy of India, Minsk
Street Sobinova 63,
Minsk - 220040, Belarus.
Phone: 00-375-17-2629399
Fax: 00-375-17-2884799, 2161896
Email: indembassy@indemb.bn.by (General), amb.minsk@mea.gov.in (Amb), amb@indemb.bn.by (Amb Office), hoc.minsk@mea.gov.in, hoc@indemb.bn.by (HOC s Office)
Website: http://www.indembminsk.org/

Embassy of India, Brussels
217, Chaussee de Vleurgat,
1050 Brussels.
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Council of the European Union].
Phone: 00-32-2-6409140, 6451850; 6466872 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-32-2-6489638 (Chancery)
Email: admin@endembassy.be (Administration), info@indembassy.be (General), ambassador@indembassy.be (Amb), dcm@indembassy.be (DCM), hoc@indembassy.be (HOC)
Website: http://www.indembassy.be/

Embassy of India, Thimphu
India House Estate,
Thimphu, Bhutan.
Phone: 00-975-2-322162
Fax: 00-975-2-323195, 325341
Email: eoiss@druknet.bt (FS Eco), hocbht@druknet.bt (HOC), consbht@druknet.bt (Consular), amb.thimphu@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), dcm.thimphu@mea.gov.in (DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassythimphu.bt/

Consulate General of India, Phuentsholing
Maysel Apartment, Near Bank
Colony, Phuentsholing, Bhutan.
Phone: 00-975-5-252101
Fax: 00-975-5-252992
Email: hop.psling@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.consulatephuentsholing.nic.in/

High Commission of India, Gaborone
Plot 5375 President s Drive,
Private Bag 00249, Gaborone,
Phone: 00-267-3972676 (PABX)
Fax: 00-267-3974636
Email: hcoffice@hci.org.bw (HC), pahoc@hci.org.bw (HOC), consular@hci.org.bw (Consular), administration@hci.org.bw (Admn), accounts@hci.org.bw (Acctt), hc@hci.org.bw (HC), hoc@hci.org.bw (HOC)
Website: http://www.highcommissionofindia.org.bw/

Embassy of India, Brasilia
SHIS QL 08, Conjunto 08,
Casa 01, Lago Sul,
Brasilia DF - 71.620/285
Phone: 00-55-61-32484006
Fax: 00-55-61-32487849, 32485486
Email: indemb@indianembassy.org.br (Chancery), hoc.brasilia@mea.gov.in (HOC), ambassador@indianembassy.org.br (Amb), dcm@indianembassy.org.br (DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.br/

Consulate General of India, Sao Paulo
Av. Paulista 925, 7th Floor,
Sao Paulo, Brazil,
Phone: 00-55-11-31710340/41, 32534290, 31410928
Fax: 00-55-11-31710342, 32844327
Email: cg@indiaconsulate.org.br (CG), consul.aj@indiaconsulate.org.br (Consul), consul.vk@indiaconsulate.org.br (HOC)
Website: http://www.indiaconsulate.org.br/

Brunei Darussalam
High Commission of India, Bandar Seri Begawan
Baitussyifaa , Simpang 40-22
Jalan Sungai Akar, Bandar Seri
Begawan, BC 3915, Brunei
PO Box 439, Darussalam
Phone: 00-673-2339947, 2339685 (PABX)
Fax: 00-673-2339783
Email: hicomind@brunet.bn (General), hoc.brunei@mea.gov.in (HOC), hc.brunei@mea.gov.in (HC)

Embassy of India, Sofia
23, Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Street.
Lozenetz, Sofia 1421, Bulgaria.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to the Republic of Macedonia(Skopje)].
Phone: 00-359-2-9635675 to 77
Fax: 00-359-2-9635686
Email: ambassador@indembsofia.org (Amb), hoc@indembsofia.org (HOC)
Website: http://www.indembsofia.org/

Embassy of India, Phnom Penh
Villa No. 5, Street No.466,
Phnom Penh, Royal Government of Cambodia.
Phone: +855-12-222804, 00-855-23-210912, 210913,218046
Fax: 00-855-23-213640, 210914
Email: amb.phnompenh@mea.gov.in, embindia@online.com.kh

High Commission of India, Ottawa
10, Springfield Road, Ottawa,
Ontario K1M 1C9,
Phone: 00-1-613-7443751 to 53
Fax: 00-1-613-7440913
Email: hicomind@hciottawa.ca (General), mpol@hciotta.ca (Minister Pol & Cons), hoc@hciottawa.ca, ssad-oci@hciottawa.ca (Admn & OCI Scheme), hc@hciottawa.ca (HC), dhc@hciottawa.ca (DHC)
Website: http://www.hciottawa.ca/

Consulate General of India, Toronto
Suite # 700, 365 Bloor Street East,
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3 L4
Phone: 00-1-416-9600751/52, 416-9604831
Fax: 00-1-416-9609812
Email: cgindia@cgitoronto.ca
Website: http://www.cgitoronto.ca/

Consulate General of India, Vancouver
# 201-325, Howe Street,
Vancouver, V6C 1Z7, Canada.
Phone: 00-1-604-6628811
Fax: 00-1-604-6823556
Email: indiacg@telus.net (CG), indiahoc@telus.net (HOC), indiacons@telus.net (Consular), indiatradecom@telus.net (Commerce), indiainf@telus.net (Information Wing), indiapscg@telus.net (CG s office), oci@cgivancouver.com (OCI), indiacpv@telus.net
Website: http://www.cgivancouver.org/

Embassy of India, Santiago
971, Alcantara
Post Box No. 10433
Santiago, Chile.
Phone: 00-56-2-2284141, 2286857, 2289743, 2634103
Fax: 00-56-2-3217217, 2061959
Email: amb.santiago@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.santiago@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.embajadaindia.cl/

Embassy of India, Beijing
Tianze Road
Liang Ma Qiao
Chaoyang District, Beijing
People s Republic of China.
Phone: 00-86-10-85312500/2501/2502/2503
Fax: 00-86-10-85312515
Email: hoc.beijing@mea.gov.in (HOC), amboff@indianembassy.org.cn (Amb), dcm@indianembassy.org.cn (DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.cn/

Consulate General of India, Shanghai
1008, Shanghai International Trade Centre,
2201, Yan An [West ] Road,
Shanghai -200336, P.R. China.
Phone: 00-86-21-62758882 / 85 / 86
Fax: 00-86-21-62758881, 62956892 (Consular Wing)
Email: ccom@indianconsulate.org.cn (Commerce), cgvp@indianconsulate.org.cn (General), cg.shanghai@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.shanghai@mea.gov.in (HOC), cinf@indianeconsulate.org.cn, vcons@indianconsulate.org.cn (Visa & Admin)

Consulate General of India, Hong Kong
16-D, United Centre, 95 Queensway,
Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR, China.
[*Also administrative/consular jurisdiction for Macau (SAR, PRC)].
Phone: 00-852-39709900, 00-852-39709922
Fax: 00-852-28664124(Gen), 25281647 (Visa)
Email: cg.hongkong@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.hongkong@mea.gov.in (HOC), consular@cgihk.gov.in (Consular), commerce@cgihk.gov.in (Commerce), eco@cgihk.gov.in (Economic), consular@cgihk.gov.in (Consular), visa@cgihk.gov.in (Visa)
Website: http://www.cgihk.gov.in/

Consulate General of India, Guangzhou
1-4, 14th Floor, Haihang Dasha
(HNA) Tower, 8 Linhe Zhong Road,
Tianhe Distt., Guangzhou-510610,
People s Republic of China.
Phone: 00-86-20-85501501 to 05
Fax: 00-86-20-85501510 (General); 85501513 (Consular)
Email: cg.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (HOC), admn.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (Admn), cons.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (Consular), cgo.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (CG s Office)
Website: http//www.cgiguangzhou.org.cn

Embassy of India, Bogota
Calle 116 # 7-15 Int. 2 Of. 301,
Torre Cusezar, Santa Barbara
Bogota D.C., Colombia.
Phone: 00-57-1-6373259,6373279,6373280, 6373289
Fax: 00-57-1-6373451, 6373516
Email: indembog@cable.net.co (General), hoc.bogota@mea.gov.in (HOC), consular.bogota@mea.gov.in (Consular), culturalindia@cable.net.co (Culture)
Website: http://www.embajadaindia.org/

Congo [Democratic Republic]
Embassy of India, Kinshasa
18-B, Avenue Batetela, C/Gombe,
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Rep. of Congo(Brazzaville), Gabon(Libre- ville) & Cent.African Rep(Bangui)].
Phone: 00-243-81-5559770 / 73
Fax: 00-243-81-5559774
Email: ps.indembkin@gbs.cd (Ambassador office), amb.indembkin@gbs.cd (Amb), hoc.indembkin@gbs.cd (HOC), attacheadmn.indembkin@gbs.cd (Admn), consasstt.indembkin@gbs.cd (Consular)
Website: http://www.eoikinshasa.nic.in/

Cote d Ivoire [Ivory Coast]
Embassy of India, Abidjan
Villa/Lot No.2728, ILot 229, 7 eme
Tranche,II-Plateaux, -Angre, BP 318
Abidjan 06. [*Con.acc. to Liberia and Guinea].
Phone: 00-225-22423769 / 7079 / 1851
Fax: 00-225-22426649
Email: amb.office@eoiabidjan.org (General), amb.abidjan@mea.gov.in (Ambassador)

Embassy of India, Zagreb
Kulmerska 23A,
10000 Zagreb,
Phone: 00-385-1-4873239 / 40 / 41, 4873250 (HOC)
Fax: 00-385-1-4817907
Email: embassy.india@zg.htnet.hr (General), amb.zagreb@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.zagreb@mea.gov.in (SS & HOC)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.hr/

Embassy of India, Havana
No.202, Calle 21. Esquina a ‘K',
Vedado, Havana, Cuba. [*Con. acc. to Dominician Republic (Santo Domingo) and Haiti(Port-au-Prince)]
Phone: 00-53-7-8333777, 8333169, 551700
Fax: 00-53-7-8333287; E-Fax: 00-1-8146801064
Email: eoihav@ceniai.inf.cu (General), amb@indembassyhavana.cu (Amb), hoc@indembassyhavana.cu (HOC)

High Commission of India, Nicosia
No.3, Indira Gandhi Street,
Montparnasse Hill,
P.O. Box 25544, Engomi,
2413 Nicosia, Cyprus.
Phone: 00-357-22-351741, 351170
Fax: 00-357-22-352062 (HOC), 350402 (High Commissioner)
Email: hicomind@spidernet.com.cy (HOC s office), hcoffice@cytanet.com.cy (HC s Office)
Website: http://www.hcinicosia.gov.in/

Czech Republic
Embassy of India, Prague
Valdstejnska 6, Malastrana 11800,
Prague 1, Czech Republic.
Phone: 00-420-257533490
Fax: 00-420-257533378, 257533285
Email: india@india.cz (Chancery), hoc@india.cz (HOC), ambassador@india.cz (Ambassador)
Website: http://www.india.cz/

Embassy of India, Copenhagen
Vangehusvej 15,
2100 Copenhagen,
Phone: 00-45-39182888, 39299201
Fax: 00-45-39270218, 39182831
Email: indiavisa@Email.dk (Consular), indiatradewing@gmail.com (Commercial), amb.copenhagen@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.copenhagen@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indian-embassy.dk/

Embassy of India, Cairo
5 Aziz Abaza Street,
Zamalek, PO Box No. 718
Cairo, Egypt.
Phone: 00-202-27360052, 27363051, 27356053
Fax: 00-202-27364038, 27382965(DCM), 23936702(Info)
Email: embassy@indembcairo.com (General) , amb.cairo@mea.gov.in (Amb), dcm@indembcairo.com (DCM), infoemb@indembcairo.com
Website: http://www.indembcairo.com/

Embassy of India, Addis Ababa
Arada District, Kebele-13/14,
H.No.224, PO Box No.528,
Addis Ababa.
[*Con. acc. to Djibouti and to African Union, UNECA & IGAD]
Phone: 00-251-11-1235538 to 41
Fax: 00-251-11-1235547 / 48
Email: rajdut@ethionet.et (Ambassador), indemb@ethionet.et (Chancery), com.addisababa@mea.gov.in, india.com@ethionet.et (Commercial), adm.indembassy@ethionet.et (Admn), cons.indembassy@ethionet.et (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.gov.et/

High Commission of India, Suva
Levels 7 & 5, LICI Building, Butt
Street, PO Box No.471, Suva. [*Con. acc. to Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands and Nauru]
Phone: 00-679-3301125 (General)
Fax: 00-679-3301032
Email: admn.suva@mea.gov.in (General), hc.suva@mea.gov.in (HC), cons.suva@mea.gov.in (Consular), culture.suva@mea.gov.in (Indian Cultural Centre), hoc.suva@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indianhighcommission.org.fj/

Embassy of India, Helsinki
Satamakatu, 2 A 8,
00160 Helsinki, Finland.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to Estonia (Talinn)].
Phone: 00-358-9-2289910
Fax: 00-358-9-6221208
Email: indianembassy@indianembassy.fi (General), amb.helsinki@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.helsinki@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.fi/

Embassy of India, Paris
15, Rue Alfred Dehodencq,
75016 Paris, France.
[*Con. acc. as Amb to the Principality of Monaco (City of Monaco)].
Phone: 00-33-1-40507070/40505013(PIC)
Fax: 00-33-1-40500996(Chancery)/45243345(PIC)
Email: hoc.paris@mea.gov.in (HOC), attache.admin@wanadoo.fr (Admn), pic2@wanadoo.fr (PIC Wing), inde.com@wanadoo.fr (Eco & Comm Wing), ecocomparis@amb-inde.fr (Eco & Com Wing), conswing@wanadoo.fr (Consular Wing), military@wanadoo.fr (Military Wing), poleoiparis@orange.fr (Political Wing)
Website: http://www.amb-inde.fr/

Under jurisdiction of Embassy of India, Yerevan
50/2 Dzorapi Street,
Yerevan - 0019,
Phone: 00-374-10-539173,74 &75
Fax: 00-374-10-533984
Email: amb_off@embassyofindia.am, hoc@embassyofindia.am

Embassy of India, Berlin
Tiergartenstrasse 17
10785 Berlin, Germany.
Phone: 00-49-30-257950; 25795101 / 25795103 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-49-30-25795102
Email: ambassador@indianembassy.de (Amb), dcm@indianembassy.de (DCM), hoc@indianembassy.de (HOC), da@indianembassy.de (Defence Attache), commercial@indianembassy.de (Com) , consular@indianembassy.de (Consular), culture@indianembassy.de (Culture), railway@indianembassy.de (Railways)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.de/

Consulate General of India, Frankfurt
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 26,
60325 Frankfurt, AM Main,
Phone: 00-49-69-1530050 (Chancery PBX); 15300528/556(After office hours); 74220697 (Consul Commerce)
Fax: 00-49-69-554125 (Chancery); 74745702 (Comm.)
Email: hoc@cgifrankfurt.de (HOC), consulgeneral@cgifrankfurt.de (CG), admn@cgifrankfurt.de (Admn), commerce@cgifrankfurt.de (Commercial), visa@cgifrankfurt.de (Visa), passport@cgifrankfurt.de (Passport) Website: http://www.cgifrankfurt.de/

Consulate General of India, Hamburg
Graumannsweg 57,
22087, Hamburg, Germany.
Phone: 00-49-40-338036, 324744, 330557 (Office)
Fax: 00-49-40-323757
Email: cgihh@aol.com (General), cg.hamburg@mea.gov.in (CG)
Website: http://www.cgihamburg.de/

Consulate General of India, Munich
Widenmayerstrasse 15,
D-80538 Munich, Germany.
Phone: 00-49-89-21023920 (PABX)
Fax: 00-49-89-21023970 (Chancery); 21023980 (Consular)
Email: cginmun02@t-online.de, cg@munich@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.munich@mea.gov.in, consul@cgimun.com (HOC), congendmun@t-online.de (Consul PIC), cons.munich@mea.gov.in, v (Consular), commerce@cgimun.com (Commerce)
Website: http://www.cgimunich.de/

High Commission of India, Accra
No.9, Ridge Road, Roman Ridge,
PO Box: CT-5708, Cantonments, Accra [*Con. acc. as Amb to Burkina Faso & Togo and HC to Sierra Leone .
Phone: 00-233-30-7020903, 7020904, 7020905 (PABX)
Fax: 00-233-30-2772176 (Chancery), 2785142 (Cons)
Email: hc.accra@mea.gov.in (High Commissioner), hoc.accra@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indiahc-ghana.com/

Embassy of India, Athens
No.3, Kleanthous Street,
10674 Athens, Greece.
Phone: 00-30-210-7216227, 7216481
Fax: 00-30-210-7211252, 7235458
Email: ambassador@indianembassy.gr (Amb), hoc@indianembassy.gr (HOC), consular@indianembassy.gr (Consular), visa@indianembassy.gr (Visa), administration@indianembassy.gr (Admn), embassy@indianembassy.gr (General), commerce@indianembassy.gr (Commercial)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.gr/

Embassy of India, Guatemala City
16 Calle, 4-88
Guatemala City - 01014
Phone: 00-502-23682974 / 23683230 (PABX)
Fax: 00-502-23682524
Email: amb.guatemala@mea.gov.in, hoc.guatemala@mea.gov.in, cons.guatemala@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indemguatemala.org/

High Commission of India, Georgetown
307, Church Street, Queenstown,
[*Con. acc. to Anguilla]
(The Valley), Antigua & Barbuda (St John s) and St. Kitts & Nevis].
Phone: 00-592-2263996, 2268965, 2263240
Fax: 00-592-2254442 (HC s office); 2257012 (General)
Email: hc.georgetown@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.georgetown@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.georgetown@mea.gov.in (Consular), info.georgetown@mea.gov.in (Information Wing), com.georgetown@mea.gov.in (Commercial Wing)
Website: http://www.hcigeorgetown.org.gy/

Embassy of India, Budapest
Buzavirag Utca 14,
1025 Budapest, Hungary.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sarajevo)].
Phone: 00-36-1-3257742 / 43
Fax: 00-36-1-3257745
Email: chancery@indianembassy.hu (General), pstoamb@indianembassy.hu (Amb office), amb.budapest@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc@indianembassy.hu (HOC)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.hu/

Embassy of India, Reykjavik
17, Skulagata, Reykjavik 101,
Phone: 00-354-5349955; 00354-8417870 (Mobile)
Fax: 00-354-5349959
Email: hoc.reykjavik@mea.gov.in

Embassy of India, Jakarta
Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav.S-1,
Kuningan, Jakarta-12950.
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Timor Leste]
Phone: 00-62-21-5204150, 5204152, 5204157, 5264931
Fax: 00-62-21-5204160, 5265622, 5226833, 52922074 (Amb)
Email: ambasador@net-zap.com (Amb), counsellor_pol@net-zap.com (Pol), counsellor_enc@net-zap.com (Com), eoipol@net-zap.com (Pol/Info), consular@net-zap.com (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianembassyjakarta.com/

Consulate General of India, Medan
19, Jl. Uskup Agung A.
Sugiopranoto - Medan-20152,
Phone: 00-62-61-4556452, 4531308, 4522169
Fax: 00-62-61-4531319
Email: cgimedan@indosat.net.id
Website: http://www.congendiamedan.or.id/

Embassy of India, Tehran
No. 22, Mir Emad Street,
Dr. Beheshti Avenue,
P.O. Box No.15875-4118, Tehran,
Phone: 00-98-21-88755103-5; 88755102 (Visa enquiry)
Fax: 00-98-21-88755973, 88745557 (Commercial Wing)
Email: amb.tehran@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.tehran@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indianembassy-tehran.ir/

Consulate of India, Zahidan
Ayatollah Kafemi Avenue,
Street No.08, Behind Gurudwara,
PO Box No. 313,
Zahidan, Iran
Phone: 00-98-541-3221727 (General); 3222337 (Consul)
Fax: 00-98-541-3221740
Email: consindia_zahidan@yahoo.com

Consulate of India, Bandar Abbas
43, Khiyaban-e-Hikmat,
Gulshehr (South),
PO Box No. 79145-1866,
Bandar Abbas, Iran.
Phone: 00-98-761-6661745, 6681800
Fax: 00-98-761-6664512
Email: hoc.babbas@mea.gov.in

Embassy of India, Baghdad
House No. 6, Zokak No. 25,
Mohalla 306, Hay Al-Maghrib,
PO Box No.4114, Adhamiya
Baghdad, Iraq.
Phone: 00-964-1-4222016; 4228419; 00-964-7901926591 (M); 00870772223446 (SAT)
Email: eoibaghdad@yahoo.com (General), amb.baghdad@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.baghdad@mea.gov.in (HOC)

Embassy of India, Dublin
6, Leeson Park, Dublin-6,
Phone: 00-353-1-4970843, 4966792,4966787,4970984
Fax: 00-353-1-4978074, 4966770
Email: indembassy@eircom.net (Chancery), sscons@eircom.net (Consular & HOC), ambembassy@eircom.net (Amb office)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.ie/

Embassy of India, Tel Aviv
140 Hayarkon Street,
PO Box No.3368,
Tel Aviv-61033, Israel.
Phone: 00-972-3-5291999 / 1639 / 1663 / 1556; 5220631 (Counsellor); 5270821 (Commercial); 5270715 (HOC)
Fax: 00-972-3-5291953 (General); 5270821 (Commercial)
Email: indemtel@indembassy.co.il (General), indeftel@indembassy.co.il (Defence Attache), indpoltel@indembassy.co.il ( FS Pol), indinfo@indembassy.co.il (FS Cons, Cul & Info), hoc.telaviv@mea.gov.in (HOC), com.telaviv@mea.gov.in (Commercial Wing), indcons@indembassy.co.il (Consular Wing)
Website: http://www.indembassy.co.il/

Embassy of India, Rome
Via XX Settembre, 5, 00187 Rome,
[*Con. acc. as PR of India to FAO, IFAD & WFP and as Amb to San Marino (City of San Marino)].
Phone: 00-39-06-4884642 to 45
Fax: 00-39-06-4819539
Email: amb.rome@mea.gov.in (Amb), dcm.office@indianembassy.it (DCM), hoc.rome@mea.gov.in (HOC), agri.wing@indianembassy.it (Minister Agri), com.wing@indianembassy.it (Commercial Wing), cons.wing@indianembassy.it (Consular Wing), admin.wing@indianembassy.it (Admn Wing)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.it/

Consulate General of India, Milan
Via Larga 16,
20122 Milan, Italy.
Phone: 00-39-02-8057691, 865337
Fax: 00-39-02-72002226
Email: cgi.milan@consolatoindia.com (General), cg.milan@consolatoindia.com (CG), hoc.milan@mea.gov.in (HOC), ssconsul@consolatoindia.com (SS Cons), servizi.commerciali1@consolatoindia.com (Commercial Wing)
Website: http://www.cgimilan.in/

High Commission of India, Kingston
27, Seymour Avenue, PO Box 446,
Kingston-6, Jamaica
[*Concurrently accredited to The Bahamas, Cayman Islands & Turks and Caicos Islands]
Phone: 00-1-876- 9273114, 9274270
Fax: 00-1-876-9782801, 9780359
Email: hicomindkin@cwjamaica.com (General), hc.kingston@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.kingston@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.hcikingston.com/

Embassy of India, Tokyo
5-7-2, Kojimachi MT 31 Building,
Tokyo - 102-0083, Japan.
Phone: 00-81-3-32622391 to 97
Fax: 00-81-3-32344866
Email: indembjp@gol.com (Chancery), amb.tokyo@mea.gov.in (Amb), dcm@indembjp.org (DCM)
Website: http://www.embassyofindiajapan.org/

Consulate General of India, Osaka-Kobe
10th Floor, Semba I S Bldg,
9-26, Kyutaromachi,
1-Chome, Chuo-ku,
Osaka - 541-0056, Japan
Phone: 00-81-6-62617299, 62619299, 0081-6-62617335(CG Office)
Fax: 00-81-6-62617201, 62617799(CG Office)
Email: cgindia@gol.com (General), cons.osakakobe@mea.gov.in (Consular), hoc.osakakobe@mea.gov.in (Admn), cg.osakakobe@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indconosaka,org/

Embassy of India, Amman
Jabal Amman, 1st circle,
PO Box No.2168,
Amman 11181, Jordan.
Phone: 00962-6-4622098, 4637262
Fax: 00962-6-4659540, 4611916
Email: amb.amman@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.amman@mea.gov.in (HOC), itm.amman@mea.gov.in (Culture, Info & Consular Section), eoicom@index.com.jo (Commercial Wing)
Website: http://www.indembassy.org.jo/

Embassy of India, Astana
Kaskad Business Center, 5th Floor,
6/1, Kabanbai Batyr Avenue,
Astana, Kazakhstan.
Phone: 00-7-7172- 925700 to703
Fax: 00-7-7172-925716 / 717
Email: amb.astana@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.astana@mea.gov.in (HOC), admn.astana@mea.gov.in (Admn), com.astana@mea.gov.in (Commercial), icc.astana@mea.gov.in (Culture), cons.astana@mea.gov.in (Consular), def.astana@mea.gov.in (Defence), pol.astana@mea.gov.in (Political)
Website: http://www.indembassy.kz/

High Commission of India, Nairobi
Jeevan Bharati Bldg, Harambee
Avenue, PO Box No.30074, Nairobi.
[*Con. acc. as PR to UNEP & UN HABITAT, Amb to Eritrea & Somalia].
Phone: 00-254-20-2222566 / 7, 2225104, 2224500
Fax: 00-254-20-316242, 2248320, 2211164
Email: hcindia@kenyaweb.com (High Commissioner), dhcindia@kenyaweb.com (Dy. High Commissioner)
Website: http://www.hcinairobi.co.ke/

Assistant High Commission of India, Mombasa
Bank of India Building, 3rd Floor,
Nkrumah Road, PO Box No. 90164,
Mombasa, Kenya.
Phone: 00-254-41-2224433, 2311051
Fax: 00-254-41-2316740
Email: hoc.mombasa@mea.gov.in (HOC), cimsa@swiftmombasa.com (General), ahc.mombasa@mea.gov.in (Assistant High Commissioner)
Website: http://www.hcinairobi.co.ke/

Korea [Republic of]
Embassy of India, Seoul
37-3, Hannam-dong,
Yongsan-ku, C.P.O. Box No.3466,
Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Phone: 00-82-2-7984257, 7984268, 7980962
Fax: 00-82-2-7969534, 7957158
Email: polindseoul@kornet.net (Political), consind@kornet.net (Consular), hoc.seoul@mea.gov.in (HOC), indiaculture@kornet.net (Cultural)
Website: http://www.indembassy.or.kr/

Korea [Demo. People s Republic]
Embassy of India, Pyongyang
6, Munsudong,
District Daedonggang,
Pyongyang, DPR Korea.
Phone: 00-850-2-3817215, 3817274, 3817275 (R - Amb), 3817530 (R - FS/HOC)
Fax: 00-850-2-3817619
Email: amb.pyongyang@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.pyongyang@mea.gov.in (HOC)

Embassy of India, Kuwait City
Diplomatic Enclave,
Arabian Gulf Street,
P.O. Box No. 1450 Safat,
13015-Safat, Kuwait.
Phone: 00-965-22530600, 22540612 / 13
Fax: 00-965-22546958 (Amb); 22571192 (General)
Email: amboffice@indembkwt.org (Amb), fslabour@indembkwt.org (Counsellor Lab & Cul), hoc@indembkwt.org (FS Consular/HOC), fscp@indembkwt.org [FS (P&C)]
Website: http://www.indembkwt.org/

Embassy of India, Bishkek
15-A, Aeroportinskaya Street,
Bishkek - 720044, Kyrgyzstan.
Phone: 00-996-312-549214, 595756 and 541450; 595764 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-996-312-543245; 595763
Email: hocap@elcat.kg (HOC), sscons@infotel.kg (SS Cons), ambap@elcat.kg (Amb), indembas@infotel.kg (SS Pol & Com)

Embassy of India, Vientiane
002, Ban Wat-nak,
Thadeua Road [km3],
Sisattanak District, PO Box No.225,
Vientiane, Lao PDR.
Phone: 00-856-21-352298
Fax: 00-856-21-352300
Email: amb.vientianne@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indemblao.nic.in/

Embassy of India, Beirut
31, Kantari Street,
Sahmarani Building,
P.O. Box No.113-5240 (Hamra ) and 11-1764, Beirut, Lebanon.
Phone: 00-961-1-741270; 735922; 735856
Fax: 00-961-1- 741283
Email: amb.beirut@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.beirut@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.beirut@mea.gov.in (Consular)

Embassy of India, Tripoli
Fashloom Area, Nafleen, PO Box 3150
Tripoli, Libya.
[*Concurrently accredited as High Commissioner to Malta (Valetta)].
Phone: 00-218-21-3409283,218-91-2145881(Mobile)
Fax: 00-218-21-3409282
Email: amb.tripoli@mea.gov.in (Amb office), hoc.tripoli@mea.gov.in (HOC), indembassytrip@yahoo.com (Info Wing), consular_indembtrip@yahoo.com (Consular), commercial_indembtrip@yahoo.com (Commercial), indembtrip@hotmail.com (Political Wing)

Embassy of India, Antananarivo
4, Lalana Rajaonson Emile,
Tsaralalana, PO Box No.1787,
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Union of Comoros (Moroni)].
Phone: 00-261-20-2223334, 2227156
Fax: 00-261-20-2233790, 2260081
Email: indesecamb@blueline.mg (Amb), amb.aanarivo@mea.gov.in (Amb), indembmd@blueline.mg (General), hoc.aanarivo@mea.gov.in (HOC), indcomsec@blueline.mg (Commercial)
Website: http://www.embassyofindia.mg/

High Commission of India, Kuala Lumpur
No. 2, Jalan Taman Duta,
Off Jalan Duta,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: 00-603-20933504, 20933509 to 11, 20931015
Fax: 00-603-20933507 (HC Office) 20925826 (Admn)
Email: hc@indianhighcommission.com.my (HC), dhc@indianhighcommission.com.my (DHC), cpol@indianhighcommission.com.my (Pol & Admin), cpic@indianhighcommission.com.my (PIC & Community Affairs)
Website: http://www.indianhighcommission.com.my/index.php

High Commission of India, Male
H. Athireege Aage,
Ameeru Ahmed Magu, Henveiru,
Male` 20-25, Republic of Maldives.
Phone: 00-960-3323015 & 3323016
Fax: 00-960-3324778
Email: hcimale@hicomindia.com.mv (Chancery), hc.male@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.male@mea.gov.in (HOC)

Embassy of India, Bamako
101, Avenue de l'OUA, Badalabougou Est, ) B.P. 8008
Bamako (Mali)
Phone: 00-223- 2023 5420/ 2023 5421, 00-223-2023 5411(Ambassador's office)
Fax: 00-223-2023 5417
Email: amb.bamako@mea.gov.in, hoc.bamako@mea.gov.in, cons.bamako@mea.gov.in

High Commission of India, Port Louis
6th Floor, LIC Building,
President John Kennedy Street,
Port Louis, Mauritius.
Phone: 00-230-2083775 / 76, 2080031, 2111400
Fax: 00-230-2086859
Email: hicom.ss@intnet.mu (HC), hicomdhc@intnet.mu (DHC), hicomcc@intnet.mu (Counsellor Comm), hicompol@intnet.mu (SS Pol & Eco), coined@intnet.mu (HOC), hicomedu@intnet.mu (SS Education), hicombc@intnet.mu (Business Centre), indhse@intnet.mu (India House), igcic@intnet.mu (IGCIC)
Website: http://indiahighcom.intnet.mu/

Embassy of India, Mexico City
Musset 325, Colonia Polanco,
C.P. 11550 Mexico D.F., Mexico
[*Con. acc. as High Commissioner to Belize].
Phone: 00-52-55-55311050, 55311002
Fax: 00-52-55-5254 2349
Email: amb_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx, couns_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (Counsellor), hoc_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (HOC), com_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (Commercial), cons_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (Consular), hom_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (Amb's office)
Website: http://www.indembassy.org/

Embassy of India, Ulaanbaatar
Zaluuchuudyn Urgun Chuluu 10,
C.P.O. Box No. 691,
Ulaanbaatar 14190,
Phone: 00-976-11-329522, 329524, 329528 (Chancery); 329532
Fax: 00-976-11-329532 (Chancery); 313599 (Amb office)
Email: amb.ulaan@mea.gov.in (Amb s office), hoc.ulaan@mea.gov.in (Chancery), consular.ulaan@mea.gov.in, consular@indianembassy.mn (Consular), trade@indianembassy.mn (Commerce), culture@indianembassy.mn (Culture), hoc@indianembassy.mn (HOC), amb@indianembassy.mn (Amb)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.mn/

Embassy of India, Rabat
88, Rue Oulad Tidrarine
Souissi, Rabat, Morocco.
Phone: 00212-537635801, 537635802, 537635803
Fax: 00212- 537 634733, 537634734
Email: amb.rabat@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.rabat@mea.gov.in (HOC), india@menara.com (RTI applications), cons.rabat@mea.gov.in (Consular), com.rabat@mea.gov.in (Commercial)
Website: http://www.indianembassyrabat.com/

High Commision of India, Maputo
Avenida Kenneth Kaunda No. 167,
PO Box 4751, Maputo, Mozambique.
[*Con. acc. as HC of India to Kingdom of Swaziland (Mbabane)].
Phone: 00-258-21492437, 21490717
Fax: 00-258-21492364
Email: hicomind@tvcabo.co.mz (General), hc.maputo@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.maputo@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.hicomind-maputo.org/

Embassy of India, Yangon
No. 545-547,
Merchant Street,
P.O. Box No. 751, Yangon,
Union of Myanmar.
Phone: 00-95-1-391219, 243972, 388412
Fax: 00-95-1-254086, 250164, 388414
Email: indianembassy@mptmail.net.mm (Chancery), amb.indembygn@mptmail.net.mm (Amb), ambassador@indiaembassy.net.mm (Amb), counsellor@indiaembassy.net.mm (Counsellor), publicity.eiygn@mptmail.net.mm (Publicity)
Website: http://www.indiaembassy.net.mm/

Consulate General of India, Mandalay
Ta-1/25, 65th Street,
Corner of Ngu War Street,
Chan Mya Thazi Township,
Myothit-I, Mandalay, Myanmar.
Phone: 00-95-2-80355 / 81019
Fax: 00-95-2-80366
Email: hoc.mandalay@mea.gov.in (Chancery), cgindia@mandalay.net.mm (CG), cg.mandalay@mea.gov.in (CG), cons.mandalay@mea.gov.in (Consul)
Website: http://www.indiaembassy.net.mm/

High Commission of India, Windhoek
97, Nelson Mandela Avenue,
Windhoek, Namibia.
Phone: 00-264-61-226037, 226036, 228433
Fax: 00-264-61-237320
Email: hicomind@mweb.com.na (General), attache@mweb.com.na (Attache), hciadmn@mweb.com.na (Admn), hcindia@mweb.com.na (HC), fshoc@mweb.com.na (HOC)
Website: http://www.highcommissionofindia.web.na/

Embassy of India, Kathmandu
P.O. Box No. 292,
336, Kapurdhara Marg,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone: 00-977-1-4410900, 4414990, 4411699
Fax: 00-977-1-4420130 (Amb); 4428245 (DCM); 4428279
Email: hoc@eoiktm.org (General), amb@eoiktm.org (Amb), amb@eoiktm.org (Amb), dcm@eoiktm.org (DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.np/

Consulate General of India, Birgunj
Post Box No. 59, Parsa,
Birgunj, Nepal.
Phone: 00-977-51-532244; 532264
Fax: 00-977-51-532269
Email: cg.birgunj@mea.gov.in (Consul General), hoc.birgunj@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.cgibirgunj.org/

Embassy of India, The Hague
Buitenrustweg-2, 2517 KD,
The Hague, Netherlands.
Phone: 00-31-70-3469771
Fax: 00-31-70-3617072
Email: cpembind@bart.nl (General / FS Pol & HOC), ambassador@indianembassy.nl (Ambassador)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.nl/

New Zealand
High Commission of India, Wellington
9th Floor, 180 Molesworth Street,
PO Box No. 4045, Thorndon,
[*Con. acc. to Samoa, Nauru and Kiribati]
Phone: 00-64-4-4736390
Fax: 00-64-4-4990665 (HC) & 4737149 (HOC)
Email: hicomind@hicomind.org.nz (General), consular@hicomind.org.nz (Consular), hc.wellington@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.wellington@mea.gov.in (HOC), hicomind@xtra.co.nz (Chancery)
Website: http://www.hicomind.org.nz/

Embassy of India, Niamey
Ambassades (AM), Rue AM-14
Kouara Kano
BP 201 Niamey
Phone: 00-227-20370029-30, 00-227-20370108 (Ambassador s Office)
Fax: 00-227-2020370116
Email: amb.niamey@mea.gov.in, hoc.niamey@mea.gov.in

High Commission of India, Abuja
15, Rio Negro Close, Off Yedseram
Street , Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Benin, Chad, Cameroun and as PR to ECOWAS].
Phone: 00234--7080622800-4(5 Lines)
Fax: 00234-7080622805
Email: hc.abuja@mea.gov.in (HC), dhc.abuja@mea.gov.in (DHC), def.lagos@mea.gov.in (Defence Wing), hoc.abuja@mea.gov.in (HOC), info.abuja@mea.gov.in, trade.abuja@mea.gov.in (Commerce), cons.abuja@mea.gov.in (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianhcabuja.com/

Office of the High Commission of India, Lagos
8-A, Walter Carringhton Crescent,
Victoria Island, PMB 80128,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: 00-234-1-4480876, 4480877
Fax: 00-234-1-4480882
Email: fs@hcilagos.org (Consular & Community Relations), hoc.lagos@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.lagos@mea.gov.in (Consular Matters), fs2@hcilagos.org
Website: http://www.indianhcabuja.com/

Norway Embassy of India,
Oslo Niels Juels Gate 30, 0244, PO Box No. 2823
Solli, 0204 Oslo (Norway.)
Phone: 00-47-24115910 / 24115916/ 24115912
Fax: 00-47-24115912 / 24115929(Consular)
Email: hoc@indemb.no (Chancery), consular@indemb.no.cs@indemb.no (Commercial), ambassador@indemb.no(Amb), hoc@indemb.no (HOC), commerce@indemb.no(Commercial)
Website: http://www.indemb.no/

Embassy of India, Muscat
Diplomatic Area, Jami at Al-Dowal
Al-Arabia Street, Diplomatic Qtrs.,
Al-Khuwair, PO Box 1727, Postal
Code: 112, Ruwi, Muscat, Oman.
Phone: 00-968-24684500
Fax: 00-968-24698291 (General); 24697591 (Ambassador)
Email: indiamct@omantel.net.om (General), hoc.muscat@mea.gov.in (HOC), hom@indemb-oman.org (Amb), couns@indemb-oman.org (Counsellor)
Website: http://www.indemb-oman.org/

High Commission of India, Islamabad
G-5, Diplomatic Enclave,
Islamabad, Pakistan.
Phone: 00-92-51-2206950 to 54; 2828376
Fax: 00-92-51-2823386, 2823102
Email: hc.islamabad@mea.gov.in (HC), dhc.islamabad@mea.gov.in (DHC), hoc.islamabad@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.islamabad@mea.gov.in (Consular), pol2.islamabad@mea.gov.in (Counsellor Pol), pol.islamabad@mea.gov.in (FS Political), info.islamabad@mea.gov.in (FS Press & Info)

Embassy of India, Panama
No. 10325, Avenida Federico Boyd
Bella Vista, Apdo.0823-05815
[*Con. acc. to El Salvador, Honduras & Nicaragua].
Phone: 00-507-2640280 (Amb), 2692792(Pol & Com), 2648349(Com, Cons & Inf)
Fax: 00-507-2096779(Amb) ; 2096649(Pol, HOC, Com, Cons)
Email: ambassador@indempan.org (Amb), sspol@indempan.org ( Pol), hoc@indempan.org (HOC), sscci@indempan.org(Com,Cons &Inf), ambassador@indempan.org(PPS to Amb), att@indempan.org(Attache Consular), cc@indempan.org (Attache/PS), est@indempan.org(GA) & adm@indempan.org (Accountant)
Website: http://www.indempan.org/

Papua New Guinea
High Commission of India, Port Moresby
Lot 20, Section 8, Unit 2, Tanatana
Street, Boroko, Port Moresby.
[*Con. acc. to Vanuatu (Port Vila) and Solomon Islands (Honiara)].
Phone: 00-675-3254757, 3236677, 3232414
Fax: 00-675-3253138 (O); 3201718 (R)
Email: hcipom@datec.net.pg (General), hc.pmoresby@mea.gov.in (High Commissioner), hoc.pmoresby@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.hcipom.gov.in/

Embassy of India, Lima
Avenida Salaverry 3006,
Magdalena Del Mar, Lima-17, Peru.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to Bolivia (La Paz)].
Phone: 00-51-1-4602289, 2616006, 4610371
Fax: 00-51-1-4610374
Email: hoc@indembassy.org.pe (HOC), ambassador@indembassy.org.pe (Amb), consular@indembassy.org.pe (Consular), commercial@indembassy.org.pe (Commercial)
Website: http://www.indembassy.org.pe/

Embassy of India, Manila
2190 Paraiso Street, Dasmarinas
Village, Makati City, Metro Manila.
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Palau, Marshall Islands and Micronesia].
Phone: 00-632-8430101 / 02 & 8945767(PABX)
Fax: 00-632-8158151 (Chancery); 8445757 (Ambassador)
Email: amb@embindia.org.ph (Amb), admin@embindia.org.ph (Chancery), amboffice@embindia.org.ph (Amb s office), pol@embindia.org.ph (Political), com@embindia.org.ph (Commercial), cons@embindia.org.ph (Consular), itec@embindia.org.ph (ITEC Section), info@embindia.org.ph(PIC)

Embassy of India, Warsaw
Ul. Rejtana 15, Flats 2-7,
02-516 Warsaw, Poland.
Phone: 00-48-22-540 00 00
Fax: 00-48-22-540 00 01
Email: ambassador@indembwarsaw.in (Amb), ambassador.office@indembwarsaw.in (Amb's Office), counsellor@indembwarsaw.in (Commercial), first.secretary@indembwarsaw.in (Information, Education & Culture)
Website: http://www.indembwarsaw.in/

Embassy of India, Lisbon
Rua Pero da Covilha, No.16,
1400 Lisbon, Portugal.
Phone: 00-351-21-3041095/99
Fax: 00-351-21-3016576
Email: amb@indembassy-lisbon.org (Amb), pstoambassador@indembassy-lisbon.org (Amb s office), hoc@indembassy-lisbon.org (HOC), consular@indembassy-lisbon.org (Consular), commercial@indembassy-lisbon.org (Commercial), main@indembassy-lisbon.org (General), administration@indembassy-lisbon.org (Admn),

Embassy of India, Doha
Villa no M-12, Street no-42
Wadi AI Neel, Old Hilal Area
Phone: 00-974-44255777; 44255700 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-974-44670448 (General); 44672684 (Consular)
Email: ambassor@qatar.net.qa, amb.doha@mea.gov.in (Amb), indembdh@qatar.net.qa (General), hoc.doha@mea.gov.in (HOC), indfscom@qatar.net.qa (Commercial), cons.doha@mea.gov.in(Consular)

Reunion Island
Consulate General of India, Saint Denis
266, Rue Marechal Leclerc,
97400 Saint Denis, Reunion Island.
[*Also administrative/consular jurisdictionfor Mayotte(Mamoudzou)]
Phone: 00-262-262-417547 / 48
Fax: 00-262-262-210170
Email: congendia@wanadoo.fr
Website: http://www.amb-inde.fr/

Embassy of India, Bucharest
183, Mihai Eminescu Street,
Sector 2, Bucharest-020078, Romania
[*Con. acc. to Albania (Tirana) and Moldova (Chisinau)].
Phone: 00-40-21-2115451; 6190236
Fax: 00-40-21-2110614 (General) / 2118715 (Ambassador)
Email: office@embassyofindia.ro (General), fscom@embassyofindia.ro (Commercial), amb@embassyofindia.ro (Ambassador)
Website: http://www.embassyofindia.ro/

Embassy of India, Moscow
6-8, Ulitsa Vorontsovo Polye
(Obukha), Moscow, Russia.
Phone: 00-7-095-7837535 (10 lines)
Fax: 00-7-095-9163632, 9172285
Email: ambassador@indianembassy.ru (Ambassador), dcm@indianembassy.ru (DCM), fshoc@indianembassy.ru (HOC), admin@indianembassy.ru (Admin)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.ru/

Consulate General of India, Vladivostok
46, 4th Floor.
Verkhneportovaya Street,
PO Box No. 308, Vladivostok 690090
Russian Federation.
Phone: 00-7-4232-413920 / 413933 /413938
Fax: 00-7-4232-413956
Email: cg.vladi@mea.gov.in (CG), cgivlad@mail.ru (General), hoc.vladi@mea.gov.in (HOC), cgivlad@vlad.ru (Chancery)
Website: http://cgivladivostok.wordpress.com/

Consulate General of India, St. Petersburg
35, Ulitsa Reyleeva,
St. Petersburg 191123,
Russian Federation.
Phone: 00-7-812-2721988; 2721731; 5793002
Fax: 00-7-812-2722473; 5795088 (CG)
Email: cg.spburg@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.spburg@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.spburg@mea.gov.in (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianconsulate.ru/

Saudi Arabia
Embassy of India, Riyadh
B-1, Diplomatic Quarter,
P.B.No.94387, Riyadh-11693, Saudi Arabia.
Phone: 00-966-1-4884144, 4884691, 4884692, 4834254, 4884697, 4881982 (24 hour Help Line)
Fax: 00-966-1-4884750 (Chancery) 4804764 (Commercial)
Email: amb.riyadh@mea.gov.in, dcm.riyadh@mea.gov.in, pol.riyadh@mea.gov.in, cons.riyadh@mea.gov.in, hoc.riyadh@mea.gov.in, com.riyadh@mea.gov.in, def.riyadh@mea.gov.in, wel.riyadh@mea.gov.in, pol1.riyadh@mea.gov.in, cul.riyadh@mea.gov.in, adm.riyadh@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.sa/

Consulate General of India, Jeddah
Building of M/s Bughshan & Bros.,
Madinah Road, Sharafiah Distt.,
P.O. Box No. 952,
Jeddah-21421, Saudi Arabia.
Phone: 00-966-2-6520104, 5520112
Fax: 00-966-2-6533964 (Admn)
Email: admin@cgijeddah.com (Admn), cg@cgijeddah.com (CG), haj@cgijeddah.com (Consul Haj), consular@cgijeddah.com (Consul Cons), welfare@cgijeddah.com (Consul Community Welfare), commercial@cgijeddah.com (Consul Commercial), info@cgijeddah.com (Information Section), admin@cgijeddah.com (Admn)
Website: http://www.cgijeddah.com/

Embassy of India, Dakar
5, Avenue Carde, Ground & First
Floors, B.P. 398, Dakar.
[*Con.acc. as Amb to Mauritania,Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde Islands and The Gambia].
Phone: 00-221-338495875
Fax: 00-221-338223585
Email: indiaemb@orange.sn, amb.dakar@mea.gov.in (Amb), indiacouns@orange.sn (Counsellor), indiacom@orange.sn (Commercial), hoc.dakar@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.dakar@mea.gov.in (Consular)
Website: http://www.ambassadeinde.sn/

Embassy of India, Belgrade
Ljutice Bogdana 8, Belgrade 11040,
Republic of Serbia
Phone: 00-381-11-2661029, 2661034, 2664127,367-4210
Fax: 00-381-11-367-4209
Email: indemb@eunet.rs, ssindemb@eunet.rs, amb.belgrade@mea.gov.in, hoc.belgrade@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.embassyofindiabelgrade.org/

High Commission of India,Victoria
Le Chantier, P.O. Box No. 488,
Victoria (Mahe),
Republic of Seychelles.
Phone: 00-248-610301 to 304
Fax: 00-248-610308
Email: hc.mahe@mea.gov.in (HC), attadm@seychelles.net (Attache Admn & Cons), hoc.mahe@mea.gov.in (General), cons.mahe@mea.gov.in (Consular), accounts.mahe@Email.sc (Accounts)
Website: http://www.seychelles.net/hicomind

High Commission of India, Singapore
India House, 31 Grange Road,
Tanglin P.O. Box No.92,
Phone: 00-65-67376777, 62382538 (Outside office hours)
Fax: 00-65-67326909
Email: hc@hcisingapore.org, hcoffice@hcisingapore.org, dhc@hcisingapore.org, da@hcisingapore.org, admin@hcisingapore.org, hoc@hcisingapore.org, fscom@hcisingapore.org, fseco@hicsingapore.org, fscons@hcisingapore.org
Website: http://www.hcisingapore.com/

Slovak Republic
Embassy of India, Bratislava
Dunajska 4,
811 08 Bratislava,
Slovak Republic.
Phone: 00-421-2-52962915 / 16
Fax: 00-421-2-52962921
Email: eindia@slovanet.sk (General), hoc.bratislava@mea.gov.in (HOC), eindia.com@stonline.sk (Commerce), eindia.consular@stonline.sk (Consular), amb.bratislava@mea.gov.in (Amb)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.sk/

Embassy of India, Ljubljana
Maurerjeva Ulica 29,
1000 Ljubljana,
Republic of Slovenia.
Phone: 00-386-1-5133110
Fax: 00-386-1- 5133115, 5133116
Email: amb.ljubljana@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.ljubljana@mea.gov.in (FS HOC), cons.ljubljana@mea.gov.in (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.si/

South Africa
High Commission of India, Pretoria
852 Schoeman Street, Arcadia 0083,
Pretoria, South Africa (PO Box40216
Arcadia 0007, Pretoria)
[*Con. acc. to Kingdom of Lesotho (Maseru)].
Phone: 00-27-12-3425392 to 95
Fax: 00-27-12-3425310
Email: hcida@hicomind.co.za (DA), polinf@hicomind.co.za (SS HOC), hciadmn@hicomind.co.za (Attache Admn), indiahc@hicomind.co.za (High Commissioner), dhc@hicomind.co.za (Dy. HC)
Website: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/

Consulate General of India, Cape Town
The Terraces, 9th Floor, 34 Bree Street, P.O. Box No.3316,
Cape Town 8000, South Africa.
Phone: 00-27-21-4198110, 4198111
Fax: 00-27-21-4198112
Email: political@hcict.org.za (Consul General), admin@hcict.org.za (Attache PS), accounts@hcict.org.za (Admn & Accounts)
Website: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/

Consulate General of India, Johannesburg
1, Eton Road, (corner Jan Smuts
Avenue & Eton Road), Parktown 2193,
PO Box 6805, Johannesburg-2000,
South Africa.
Phone: 00-27-11-4828484 / 85 / 86
Fax: 00-27-11-4828492, 4824648; 4823640 (CG)
Email: cgijhb@global.co.za (General), hocjhb@global.co.za (HOC), cgjhb@global.co.za (CG)
Website: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/

Consulate General of India, Durban
160 Pine Street, The Old Station
Building, 4th Floor, Durban-4001,
South Africa. (PO Box No.3276, Durban-4000, South Africa).
Phone: 00-27-31-3047020 / 21 /23 / 24
Fax: 00-27-31-3047008, 3045217
Email: cg@cgidbn.com (CG), hoc@cgidbn.com (Consul HOC), com.cgidbn.com (Consul Commerce), concons@cgidbn.com (Consul Consular), concc@cgidbn.com (Culture), cgi@cgidbn.com (General)
Website: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/

South Sudan
Embassy Of India
Block No. 522, Hai Matar Area
Juba, South Sudan
Phone: 00-211-811-822 552 ,Mob: 00-211-9224 58006/7
Fax: 00-211-811-822 236
Email: cgjuba@indembsdn.com, cgijuba@indembsdn.com
Website: http://www.indembsdn.com/

Embassy of India, Madrid
Avenda Pio-XII, 30-32,
28016, Madrid, Spain.
[*Con. acc. to the Principality of Andorra (Andorra la Vella)].
Phone: 00-34-913098870 (Chancery); 913098885 to 88 (Consular)
Fax: 00-34-913451112 (Chancery); 913451900 (Consular)
Email: amb@embassyindia.es (Ambassador), commercial@embassyindia.es, counsellor@embassyindia.es (Counsellor), counsellorcons@embassyindia.es (Counsellor Cons), culture@embassyindia.es (SS PIC), hoc@embassyindia.es (HOC), com@embassyindia.es(Commerce), cons@embassyindia.es, sscons@embassyindia.es(Consular)
Website: http://www.embassyindia.es/

Sri Lanka
High Commission of India, Colombo
36-38, Galle Road,
Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
Phone: 00-94-11-2327587, 2421605, 2422788 / 89
Fax: 00-94-11-2446403, 2448166
Email: hoc.colombo@mea.gov.in (HOC), info.ihc@sltnet.lk (Information & Culture), pol.colombo@mea.gov.in (Political), hc.colombo@mea.gov.in (High Commissioner), dhc.colombo@mea.gov.in (Dy. High Commissioner)
Website: http://www.hcicolombo.org/

Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy
No. 31, Rajapihilla Mawatha,
PO Box 47, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Phone: 00-94-81-2222652, 2223786, 2224563, 2234545 (AHC)
Fax: 00-94-81-2232479
Email: ahciknd@sltnet.lk (Assistant High Commissioner), hoc.kandy@mea.gov.in (SS & HOC)
Website: http://www.hcicolombo.org/

Consulate General of India, Jaffna
280, Palaly Road,
Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Phone: 00-94-21-2220504, 2220505(PABX)
Fax: 0094-21-2220503
Email: cg.jaffna@mea.gov.in, cons.jaffna@mea.gov.in

Consulate General of India, Hambantota
103, New Road
Sri Lanka
Phone: 047-2222500/503
Fax: 047-2222501
Email: cg.hambantota@mea.gov.in

Embassy of India, Khartoum
P.O. Box No. 707
61-Africa Road, Mailing Code 11111
Phone: 00-249-1-8357 4001/2/3/4
Fax: 00-249-1-8357 4050 (Ambassador), 8357 4051 (HOC),
Email: ambassador@indembsdn.com, sscom@indembsdn.com, ambassador.office@indembsdn.com (Ambassador), hoc@indembsdn.com (FS/HOC), commercial@indembsdn.com (Commercial Section), consular@indembsdn.com (Assistant Consular Officer)
Website: http://www.indembsdn.com/

Embassy of India, Paramaribo
No.221, Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat,
PO Box No.1329, Paramaribo.
[*Conc. acc. as HC to Barbados, St. Lucia, St.Vincent & the Grenadines]
Phone: 00-597-498344, 531448, 531449
Fax: 00-597-491106, 499382
Email: india@sr.net (General & Attache Admn), ambindia@sr.net, amb.paramaribo@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.paramaribo@mea.gov.in (FS HOC)
Website: http://www.indembassysuriname.com/

Embassy of India, Stockholm
Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata 12,
Box 1340, 11183 Stockholm.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to Latvia (Riga)].
Phone: 00-46-8-107008, 4113212 / 3213 / 3237; 246021
Fax: 00-46-8-248505, 248524
Email: information@indianembassy.se (General), political@indianembassy.se (Political Wing), commercial@indianembassy.se (Commercial Wing), consular@indianembassy.se (Consular Wing), defence@indianembassy.se (Defence Wing), ambassador@indianembassy.se (Amb), counsellorcom@indianembassy.se (Counsellor P&C)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.se/

Embassy of India, Berne
Postfach 406,Kirchenfeldstrasse 28,
CH-3005, Berne, Switzerland.
[*Con. acc. to Holy See (Vatican) and Liechtenstein (Vaduz)].
Phone: 00-41-31-3501130 (Chancery PABX), 3501139(Commercial Section, 3501138(Administration Section)
Fax: 00-41-31-3511557
Email: india@indembassybern.ch (General), hoc.berne@mea.gov.in (HOC), ambassador@indembassybern.ch (Ambassador), political@indembassybern.ch (Counsellor Political)
Website: http://www.indembassybern.ch/

Consulate General of India, Geneva
9, Rue de Valais, 1202 Geneva,
Phone: 00-41-22-9068686
Fax: 00-41-22-9068676
Email: mission.india@ties.itu.int (General), rajwilliam@hotmail.com (CG)
Website: http://www.indembassybern.ch/

Embassy of India, Damascus
3455, Sharkasslyeh,
Ibn Al Haltham Street,
Abu Rumaneh, PO Box No.685,
Damascus, Syria.
Phone: 00-963-11-3347351 / 52, 3347900
Fax: 00-963-11-3347912, 3345711
Email: hoc.damascus@mea.gov.in (General), cons.damascus@mea.gov.in (Consular), com.damascus@mea.gov.in (Commercial), info.damascus@mea.gov.in (Information)
Website: http://indianembassysyria.com/

Embassy of India, Dushanbe
45, Bukhoro Street,
Phone: 00-992-37-2217172, 2213988 (General Nos.); 2214626 (Ambassador s office); 2211803
Fax: 00-992-37-2510045, 2510088 (Gen) 2510035 (Amb)
Email: amb.dushanbe@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.dushanbe@mea.gov.in (SS HOC), admn.dushanbe@mea.gov.in (General & Admn)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.tj/

High Commission of India, Dar-es-Salaam
82, Kinondoni Road, Kinondoni,
PO Box 2684,
Dar es Salaam,
Phone: 00-255-22-2669040 / 1 / 2
Fax: 00-255-22-2669043 / 50
Email: hci@hcindiatz.org (HC), couns@hcindiatz.org (Counsellor & HOC), hco@hcindiatz.org (HC s office), admin@hcindiatz.org (Admn), edu@hcindiatz.org (Consular & Education)
Website: http://www.hcindiatz.org/

Consulate General of India, Zanzibar
8, Migombani, P.O. Box 871,
Phone: 00-255-24-2232711, 22321904
Fax: 00-255-24-2230001
Email: cg-india@zanzinet.com (General), cg.zanzibar@mea.gov.in (Consul General), cg-india@zanlink.com
Website: http://www.hcindiatz.org/

Embassy of India, Bangkok
46, Soi 23 [Prasarnmitr] Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok-10110.
[*PR of India to UN-ESCAP; **DPR of India to UN-ESCAP].
Phone: 00-66-2-2580300-06
Fax: 00-66-2-2584627, 2621740
Email: indiaemb@indianembassy.in.th
Website: http://www.indianembassy.in.th/

Consulate of India, Chiangmai
33/1, Thung Hotel Road, Wat Kate,
Muang, Chiangmai 50000,
Phone: 00-66-53-243066
Fax: 00-66-53-247879
Email: bharat@loxinfo.co.th, cgi.chiangmai@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago
High Commission of India, Port of Spain
No. 6, Victoria Avenue, PO Box 530,
Port of Spain.
[*Con.acc. to Grenada (St.George s), Dominica (Roseau) and Montserrat (Plymouth)].
Phone: 001-868-627-7480/7481
Fax: 001-868-627-6985/5731/4652
Email: hc.pospain@mea.gov.in, hcipos@tstt.net.tt, hoc.pospain@mea.gov.in, ssci@hcipos.org
Website: http://www.hcipos.org/

Embassy of India, Tunis
4, Place Didon, Notre Dame,
Tunis 1002, Tunisia.
Phone: 00-216-71-787819, 790968, 781825
Fax: 00-216-71-783394 (Chancery); 281189 (Ambassador)
Email: hoc.tunis@mea.gov.in (Chancery), cons.tunis@mea.gov.in (Consular), com.tunis@mea.gov.in (Commerce), cul.tunis@mea.gov.in (Cultural), amb.tunis@mea.gov.in (Ambassador)
Website: http://www.indianembassytunis.com/

Embassy of India, Ankara
77, Cinnah Caddesi,
Phone: 00-90-312-4382195 to 98 [4 lines]
Fax: 00-90-312-4403429, 4399323
Email: chancery@indembassy.org.tr (Admn & Protocol), fscons@indembassy.org.tr (FS Cons), ambassador@indembassy.org.tr (Ambassador), dcm@indembassy.org.tr (DCM), fspi@indembassy.org.tr(FS (Commercial & HOC), Defence Attache (da@indembassy.org.tr)
Website: http://www.indembassy.org.tr/

Consulate General of India, Istanbul
Cumhuriyet Caddesi No. 18,
Dortler Apartments,
7th Floor, Flat No.11-12,
34367, Elmadag, Istanbul,Turkey
Phone: 00-90-212-2962131 / 32
Fax: 00-90-212-2962130
Email: cg.istanbul@mea.gov.in, cg@cgiistanbul.org (CG), hoc.istanbul@mea.gov.in, hoc@cgiistanbul.org (Consul/HOC), cons.istanbul@mea.gov.in, cpv@cgiistanbul.org (Consular Section), info@cgiistanbul.org (Information Section), com@cgiistanbul.org (Commercial Section)
Website: http://www.cgiistanbul.org/

Embassy of India, Ashgabat
International Business Centre,
Y, Emre 1, Mir 2/1, PO Box No.80,
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
Phone: 00-99-312-456152 / 53 (Chancery General Numbers)
Fax: 00-99-312-452434 / 456156
Email: indembhoc@online.tm (SS HOC), indianamb@online.tm (Ambassador), indembcomm@online.tm (Commerce), indembadm@online.tm (Admn), indembinfo@online.tm (Information Section)

High Commission of India, Kampala
Plot 11, Kyadondo Road, Nakasero,
PO Box No.7040, Kampala, Uganda. [*Con. acc.as HC to Rwanda and Amb to Burundi]
Phone: 00-256-41-4257368, 4342994, 4344631
Fax: 00-256-41-4254943
Email: hc.kampala@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.kampala@mea.gov.in (HOC), hoc@hcikampala.co.ug (HOC), pshc@hcikampala.co.ug (HC s office), education@hcikampala.co.ug (Education), consular@hcikampala.co.ug (Consular Sec.)

Embassy of India, Kyiv
20-B, Maxima Berlinskogo Street
Kyiv - 01901,
Phone: 00-380-44-4686661, 4686219, 4687032
Fax: 00-380-44-4686619 (Chancery); 4687025 (MNA)
Email: india@public.ua.net (General), amb.kyiv@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.kyiv@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.kyiv@mea.gov.in (Consular Section), com.kyiv@mea.gov.in (Eco & Com Section)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.ua/

United Arab Emirates
Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi
Plot No. 10, Sector W-59/02
Diplomatic Area, Off-Airport Road,
PO Box No.4090,
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Phone: 00-971-2-4492700; 4447729
Fax: 00-971-2-4444685; 4447768 (Consular)
Email: hoc@indembassyuae.org (Gen), amboffice@indembassyuae.org, com@indembassyuae.org (Eco & Com Wing), cons@indembassyuae.org (Consular Wing), help@indembassyuae.org (Community Welfare Wing)
Website: http://www.indembassyuae.org/

Consulate General of India, Dubai
Al-Hamaria Diplomatic Enclave,
PO Box No.737,
Dubai, UAE.
Phone: 00-971-4-3971222 / 3971333
Fax: 00-971-4-3970453 & 3972297
Email: cgidubai@emirates.net.ae, cgoffice@cgidubai.com, cg.dubai@mea.gov.in, consulca@cgidubai.com

United Kingdom
High Commission of India, London
India House, Aldwych,
London WC2B 4NA,
United Kingdom.
Phone: 00-44-20-78368484, 76323123 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-44-20-78364331
Email: hoc.london@mea.gov.in (General & HOC), hc.office@hcilondon.in (High Commissioner), dhc.office@hcilondon.in (Dy. High Commissioner)
Website: http://www.hcilondon.in/

Consulate General of India, Birmingham
20, Augusta Street,
Jewellery Quarters, Hockley,
Birmingham B18 6JL,
United Kingdom.
Phone: 00-44-121-2122782, 2123217 (After office hours and on holidays)
Fax: 00-44-121-2123404 (CG); 2122786 (General)
Email: cg.birmingham@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.birmingham@mea.gov.in (Consul & HOC), com@cgibir.fsnet.co.uk (Commerce), cons_cgibir@fsmail.net (Consular), visa_cgibir@fsmail.net (Visa), oci.cgibir@yahoo.co.uk (OCI Matters), admin-cgibir@fsmail.net (Admn.)
Website: http://www.cgibirmingham.org/

Consulate General of India, Edinburgh
17 Rutland Square,
Edinburgh EH1 2BB, Scotland,
United Kingdom.
Phone: 00-44-131-2290011
Fax: 00-44-131-2292155; 2219712 (CG)
Email: indianconsulate.scotland@btconnect.com (General), cgindia@btconnect.com (CG), indianconsul.edinburgh@btconnect.com (Consul & HOC)
Website: http://www.cgiedinburgh.org/

United States of America
Embassy of India, Washington DC
2107, Massachusetts Ave. NW,
Washington DC 20008, USA.
Phone: 00-1-202-9397000
Fax: 00-1-202-2654351
Email: indemwash@indiagov.org
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org/

Consulate General of India, Chicago
455 North City Front Plaza Drive,
[NBC Tower], Suite No 850,
Chicago, Illinois 60611, USA.
Phone: 00-1-312-5950405 to 0410; 5950554
Fax: 00-1-312-5950416 (CG s office); 5950417 (Chancery)
Email: cci@indianconsulate.com (Pol & Com), hoc@indianconsulate.com (HOC), pic@indianconsulate.com (Consul Consular), vc@indianconsulate.com (VC Consular), admin@indianconsulate.com (Admn), com@indianconsulate.com (Commerce), cg@indianconsulate.com (CG)
Website: http://www.indianconsulate.com/

Consulate General of India, New York
3 East, 64th Street,
New York, NY 10065, USA.
Phone: 00-1-212-7740600, 7740699
Fax: 00-1-212-8613788 (General); 5709581 (Consular)
Email: cg@indiacgny.org (CG), dcg@indiacgny.org (Dy. CG), hoc@indiacgny.org (HOC), edu@indiacgny.org (Education), passport@indiacgny.org (Passport), visa@indiacgny.org (Visa)
Website: http://www.indiacgny.org/

Consulate General of India, San Francisco
540, Arguello Boulevard,
San Francisco, CA 94118, USA.
Phone: 00-1-415-6680683, 6680662; 6327562 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-1-415-6682073 (Chancery); 6689764 (Consular)
Email: info@cgisf.org (General), cg@cgisf.org (CG), dcg@cgisf.org (Dy. Consul General)
Website: http://www.cgisf.org/

Consulate General of India, Houston
4300 Scotland Street
Houston, Texas-77007
Phone: 00-1-713-6262148, 6262149
Fax: 00-1-713-6262450 (CG s office) ; 6262034 (Consular
Email: cgi-hou@swbell.net (General), consulgenhouston@swbell.net (CG), consulcgihouston@swbell.net (Consul)
Website: http://www.cgihouston.org/

Embassy of India, Tashkent
15-16, Kara Bulak (Vakhshskaya)
Street, Mirzo Ulugbek District,
Tashkent 700052, Uzbekistan.
Phone: 00-998-71-1400983 / 997 / 998; 2555116 (ER)
Fax: 00-998-71-1400987 / 999
Email: amb.tashkent@mea.gov.in (Amb), indiaemb@buzton.com (General), indhoc@buzton.com (HOC), consind@buzton.com (Consular), com.tashkent@mea.gov.in (Commercial)
Website: http://www.indembassy.uz/

Embassy of India, Caracas
Quinta Tagore, No. 12, Avenida San
Carlos La Floresta, Caracas.
[*Con. acc. to Netherlands Antilles (Curacao) and Aruba(Oranjestad)].
Phone: 00-58-212-2857887, 2853806, 2866498, 2853637
Fax: 00-58-212-2865131
Email: amb.caracas@mea.gov.in (Amb), admin1.caracas@mea.gov.in (FS PPS to Amb), com.caracas@mea.gov.in (FS Pol), hoc.caracas@mea.gov.in (FS HOC), info.caracas@mea.gov.in (Information Wing), cons.caracas@mea.gov.in (Consular Wing)
Website: http://www.embindia.org/

Embassy of India, Hanoi
58-60, Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi,
Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Phone: 00-84-4-38244989 / 90
Fax: 00-84-4-38244998
Email: embassyindia@fpt.vn, [chancery], comindia@ftp.vn [commercial sec], cons.hanoi@mea.gov.in [consular section], amb.hanoi@mea.gov.in, hoc.hanoi@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indembassy.com.vn/

Consulate General of India, Ho Chi Minh City
55, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street,
District 3, Ho Chi Minh City,
Socialistic Republic of Vietnam
Phone: 00-84-8-38237050, 38237053
Fax: 00-84-8-38237047
Email: cgihcmc@hcm.vnn.vn (General), cons.hcm@mea.gov.in (Consular), cg.hcm@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.hcm@mea.gov.in (Consul & HOC)
Website: http://www.india-consulate.org.vn/

Embassy of India, Sana a
Building No. 12, Djibouti Street,
P.O. Box No.1154, Sana a,
Republic of Yemen.
Phone: 00-967-1-441251 / 52
Fax: 00-967-1-441257
Email: indiaemb@y.net.ye (Amb s office), indcom@y.net.ye (Commerce), indembassy@yemen.net.ye (Consular), hoc.sanaa@mea.gov.in (HOC), amb.sanaa@mea.gov.in (Amb)
Website: http://www.eoisanaa.org/

High Commission of India, Lusaka
1, Pandit Nehru Road, Long Acres,
P.O. Box No.3211, Lusaka, Zambia.
[*Concurrently accredited as High Commissioner to Malawi (Lilongwe)].
Phone: 00-260-211-253159 / 60
Fax: 00-260-211-254118
Email: hc.lusaka@mea.gov.in (High Commissioner), hoc.lusaka@mea.gov.in (HOC), com.lusaka@mea.gov.in (Commerce), cons.lusaka@mea.gov.in (Consular)

Embassy of India, Harare
No.12 Natal Road,
Belgravia, P.O. Box No.4620,
Harare, Zimbabwe.
Phone: 00-263-04-795955 / 56
Fax: 00-263-04-795958
Email: ambassador@embindia.org.zw (Amb), hoc@embindia.org.zw (HOC), attache.cons@embindia.org.zw (Attache Consular), cons@embindia.org.zw (Consular Section), attache.admn@embindia.org.zw (Attache Admn), itec@embindia.org.zw (ITEC Section), com@embindia.org.zw (Commercial Wing)

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